Perfect Print Management

Handling print projects is not your full time job, but you do need to ensure the quality of product represents your brand and costs are minimised. We started The Production Hub to provide a unique, transparent, full-service hub to minimise cost and maximise returns on your print projects. We call this Perfect Print Management.

How do we deliver Perfect Print Management?

Range of Products

If it is a printed item, we can produce it. Our range of suppliers and knowledge of the production process allows us to source any form of printed communication you require. We have sourced die-cut jigsaw inserts, bespoke point of sales systems and even glasses that simulate partial sight for a charity music event.

A Services Hub

Unlike most print management companies we do everything other than the actual production in-house. By keeping control of the job we can ensure security, consistency and transparency. For instance, our artwork team can add logic and personalisation to a direct mail campaign to increase relevance, data services increase delivery and cut costs through meticulous data cleaning and our VAT advisory services ensures compliance with the latest regulations. You deal with one company to deliver your project end-to-end.

The Personal Touch

Maybe you prefer a particular stock, dislike barcodes on your DM packs or you like to pour over the data hygiene reports we produce. From the first job we strive to understand these preferences and personalise our service to make sure you get what you need. Like an elite concierge our aim is to make your print experience hassle free and even fun!

The Best Suppliers

Many print management companies work with just a handful of suppliers, limiting production methods and the scope for cost savings. Here at The Production Hub we have built a network of best-in-class printing companies spanning the breadth of production processes. We source multiple quotes for each project from the select few suppliers running the right production equipment for your specific job. We consistently save clients £000’s over competitors while maintaining quality standards.

Outcomes Briefing

When we take a brief, we take the time to understand the desired outcomes of the project not just the spec of a job. By doing this we are able to make recommendations about ways to save money and improve the performance of a project. We regularly make suggestions to clients to tweak a pack size or substrate to remove unnecessary costs while achieving the same outcome.

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