Clever Direct Mail

Direct Mail remains one of the most effective and proven forms of communications for Charities and commercial businesses alike. Here at The Production Hub we are particularly passionate about Direct Mail and continually invest in the people, software and supplier relationships to deliver greater returns on investment for our clients. We call it Clever DM.

What Makes Our Direct Mail Clever?


Planning for Success

Before a campaign is launched many clients invite us in to discuss the production aspects of their creative ideas. It is our job to find a cost-effective way of producing the pack that preserves the creative impact of the campaign but minimises any unecessary costs.


Designing the Pack

Helping to specify alterations to pack size, production method and weight can have a huge impact on the overall cost of a campaign. Our 90+ years of print production and mailing experience allows us to recommend the subtle pack changes which can cut thousands or sometimes tens of thousands of pounds from production costs.


Cleaning the Data

Our in-house data cleaning service can dramatically reduce the risk of bad press and brand damage. De-duplication, address validation, deceased flagging, tracing of home movers and much more can be offered to ensure your error-free pack reaches the intended recipient.

Data Cleaning

Clever Artwork

Each donor or customer is a unique individual. Our dynamic artwork technology combines personalisation with sophisticated rule-based logic to enable each pack to carry a unique message. Copy blocks, suggested donations and images can all be changed relevant to the recipient to increase relevancy and improve performance.


Production and Post

Our extensive range of suppliers can achieve thousands of combinations of production and delivery method. We save you money by knowing the most efficient way to produce your pack and how to achieve the best possible postage discounts from schemes such as Royal Mail’s Mailmark.

Perfect Print Management

Why not talk to us about making your next campaign a Clever DM campaign

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