Meticulous Data Services

According to the DMA 20 million items of direct mail are sent out incorrectly each month in the UK. Incorrect names, addresses and mailing the deceased is a sure fire way to erode brand reputation while attracting all the wrong kinds of coverage. We provide every direct mail customer with a complimentary data health check for each project and offer a range of services to ensure the quality of data is maximised and errors avoided. We call it meticulous data cleaning.

How we Clean Your Data

Removing Duplicates

Duplicate records are pure waste, and not only are you paying for an item to be produced and mailed twice (or more) you risk alienating your customer or prospect. Our data service can identify and remove duplicates based on a variety of household and name criteria across multiple source files.

Suspect Record Removal

From innocently adding (do not mail) to a record in your CRM to a disgruntled staff member adding profanities to a rude customer, these records can easily find their way to the mailbox. In the age of social media there is an ever higher probability these faux pas are noticed and shared. We screen your data against a library of over 2000 suspect words and profanities to minimise this risk.

Address Correction

Partial addresses, missing rows, incorrect postcodes at best incur penalty fees, at worst prevent the item being mailed. Our in-house PAF enhancement (postcode address file) enables us to highlight and correct addresses to Royal Mail criteria to maximise deliverability and reduce waste.

Deceased Removal

It is an unfortunate truth that around 500,000 people die in the UK each year. Continuing to send mail to the dead can cause significant offense to those left behind. Our data team have access to all the major deceased suppression file providers such as Mortascreen and National Deceased Register to highlight and remove deceased recipients, avoiding such offense.

Home Mover Tracking

1.5 million households move each year in the UK, this can be the largest contributor to data decay. When you consider the costs incurred to acquire your database of customers and prospects, it is almost always a worthwhile investment to track their changes of address to continue communicating with them. We offer extensive home mover tracking from Royal Mail’s NCOA (National Change of Address) to files provided by data experts such as Experian and Equifax.

Postage Discounts and Barcodes

Postage can often be the largest cost component of a direct mail campaign. Our software ensures you achieve the maximum discounts by sorting the data correctly for the most efficient postal solution for you. We can apply barcodes and work to the Mailmark standard from Royal Mail which is currently the most cost effective mailing method.

Tools of the Trade – Cygnus and GMC

Cygnus is our powerful data processing software.
We use it to thoroughly clean your data ready for mail.

  • Industry leading in house data processing software.
  • Thorough and comprehensive data analysis.
  • Detailed and fully customisable reporting methods.
  • Name and address parsing and reformatting.
  • Full PAF address correction/enhancement capabilities.
  • Overseas record identification and country application.
  • Obscene, salacious and celebrity word screening.
  • Individual/Family/Address or customised de-duplication functionality.
  • Suppression matching for goneaways, deceased and change of address.
  • Regularly updated suppression files with access to over 400 million records.
  • Royal Mail, Secured Mail, Citipost, UK Mail & Whistl sortation – including Mailmark.
  • Proofing sets offering multiple selection choices with a full geographical spread.

GMC enables us to intelligently personalise and tailor
each piece of direct mail to the individual recipient.

  • Market leading in house document composition software.
  • Advanced, personalised document design.
  • Time saved on setup turnaround and potential amendments.
  • Seamless import of PDFs and other design formats.
  • Variable page / text / graphics catering to your business rules.
  • Functionality for outputting barcodes including QR code and Mailmark.
  • Templates for checking address positions to ensure mailing criteria’s are met.
  • N-upping and imposing ability which reduces setup time in production.
  • Colour management functionality for digital campaigns.
  • Output to a variety of printer formats to ensure full compatibility with suppliers.
  • In house print file generation ensures data security and integrity.

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